Massage Therapy: Luxurious And Relaxing.

Lava Stone Massages -- $95
This "muscle meltdown" massage is luxurious and relaxing combination of massage and hot basalt lava stone loosening tight muscles, relieving stress, and easing tension. (60 min)

Couple Massage -- $240
Share the bliss of massage therapy as you lay by side with a loved one and enjoy the massage together as the massage therapists melts away your tension and relieve muscle aches, leaving you feeling lighter and refreshed (60 mins)

Reflexology -- $55
This ancient Chinese technique uses pressure point massage on the hands, feet, and ears to re-establish the body's energy flow and stimulate the healthy functioning of internal organs (30min)

More massage treatments...

Chair Massage (10 min) -- $15

Deep Tissue Massages -- $90
This unique penetrating massage gives special attention to the manipulation of deep tissues to relieve chronic stress and release muscle tension (50 min)

Swedish Massage -- $45/$80
This massage easing tension, aches, and pains customized to your body's needs leaving you relaxed and renewed. (30/60 min)

Shiatsu Massages -- $45/$80
Japanese massage technique based on acupuncture points restore and balance energy. (30/60 min)

Aroma Therapy Massages -- $85
This massage triggers the body's natural healing process by using lymphatic massage and hot essential oil to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid. The aromas act on the emotional center of the brain, (the limbic system) which governs the way we feel (60mins)